Where Do I Recycle a Grill Tank?

Written on: January 8, 2024

Tips for disposing of old propane cylinders safely in Wisconsin.

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With summer behind us in Southeastern Wisconsin, you might have put your propane grill into hibernation for the winter. How is your grill tank looking these days? If it’s getting up in years, it might be time to dispose of it. At Boehlke Bottled Gas, we can help you determine if your propane cylinder is still safe to use.

If you need to recycle your grill tank, here’s how to do it in Milwaukee and throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Signs Your Grill Tank Needs to be Retired

A propane cylinder can last for decades without incident, but it’s crucial to adhere to Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines for inspection and requalification. (More on that below.)

You also need to dispose of any propane cylinder that is expired without inspection, dented, or rusty. You should also never use a grill tank you know to be leaking. Here’s a simple test to determine if there’s a leak in your grill tank:

  1. Mix a 50/50 solution of water and dish soap in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray this solution onto your grill tank valve, grill hose and regulator.
  3. Open the cylinder and inspect all the places you sprayed. If you see bubbling, gas is likely escaping.
  4. Close the valve and tighten all your connections.
  5. Reopen the valve. If you still see bubbles, there is likely a leak.

How to Recycle a Grill Tank in Wisconsin

If your propane grill tank still has fuel in it but is not safe to use, please reach out to Boehlke Bottled Gas. We can help you safely dispose of the container and the fuel.

If you have an empty grill tank that needs disposal, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources offers some cylinder recycling guidelines.

There are community collection points throughout our state that ensure proper disposal. There are also one-day events where you can drop off an empty propane cylinder for recycling. You can bring the bottle (sealed and with the valve closed) to these sites.

DOT Regulations for Propane Cylinders

The DOT sets guidelines for how often portable propane tanks should be inspected. Typically, you should have your propane cylinder inspected and requalified by an authorized DOT facility 12 years after the tank’s manufacture date — then every five years after that.

An expired propane cylinder should never be refilled.

Boehlke Bottled Gas — Your Propane Cylinder Partner

Just because the cold weather is here doesn’t mean you need to power down your outdoor propane products. You can still grill out steaks to ring in the new year and gather with your family to roast marshmallows at your gas-powered firepit.

If you need a full grill tank or another 20-pound propane cylinder, come to one of Boehlke’s convenient tank exchange locations. We are happy to look at your grill tank and advise if it needs to be retired. Plus, our diligent and dedicated team members ensure that the cylinders we provide are always up-to-date and safety-tested.

Just search our database to find the Boehlke Bottled Gas tank exchange near you!