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Pricing and Payment Options

Take control of your propane costs!

We know that you are a diverse lot and have different needs when it comes to managing your propane costs.

That’s why we offer several options for you to take advantage of, to make your life easier.

Automatic Delivery

This is the ultimate in easy! When you enroll, you no longer have to monitor your propane usage, schedule a propane delivery, or worry if you run low. We track your propane usage and schedule deliveries so that you’ll always have the propane you need!

If you choose more control over your propane deliveries with Will-Call, you are responsible for tracking your propane usage and scheduling deliveries. If you forget and run low—or worse, have a propane runout—you’re facing the hassle and expense of an emergency propane delivery.

budget planOne way our decades of experience as a family business work for you is our understanding of our customers.

Budget Pay

Energy costs can make planning your household expenses a hassle, because they vary from month to month. But our Budget Pay gets you off that roller coaster. Instead of higher bills during winter months, on top of all your other seasonal expenses like the holidays, your propane costs are spread out over 11 even payments, starting in May. No worries, no surprises!


Like Price Cap, this popular option gives you more control over how much you pay for propane. If you use more than 500 gallons of propane a year, you can buy your winter’s supply before August 15 and lock in the price per gallon. You won’t have to worry about markets or a price spike over the winter. You’re all set!


Make paying your Boehlke Bottled Gas bill easy! Autopay automatically deducts your monthly bill from your credit card or checking account. No worrying about finding a stamp or being on time with your payment.

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