Use Propane To Extend Your Summer Fun

Written on: August 16, 2021

Propane Helps You Enjoy Your Great Outdoors Longer!

Propane outdoors wisconsin

While the common belief is that Labor Day is the end of summer, we say, “Nonsense!”

There’s still lots of great weather and outdoor time to enjoy before Wisconsin weather drives us back indoors for the winter.

And propane outdoor appliances let you use your back yard in comfort longer into the late summer and early fall. With Boehlke Bottled Gas’s dependable propane delivery and propane tank exchanges, you’ll always have the propane you need to keep the fun going.

Keep On Grilling

You’ll be cooking in your kitchen all winter. Why not enjoy delicious grilled food longer with a propane grill! Not only can you fuel them with a propane grill tank, but you can also install a grill and connect it to your home’s propane tank so you’ll have propane for grilling even in January!

Light Up the Night

One of the realities of this time of year is that it gets dark earlier. But that’s no reason to head inside when you have propane outdoor lighting! They add not only light but a warm, glowing ambiance around your pool, patio, and deck.

Take a Dip

When your pool or spa has a propane heater, the water will be warm enough even when the leaves are turning. So, go on in, the water’s fine!

Gather around the fire

A fire has a wonderful ability to bring people around it. And with propane firepits and fireplaces, you can enjoy that togetherness without the work, smell, or worry that goes with an outdoor wood fire.

Don’t Get Chilled

If you love having dinner outside, or relaxing on your deck or patio with a good book and a glass of wine, or want to visit with friends and family in a relaxing atmosphere, don’t let cooler weather stop you! Propane deck and patio heaters keep your outdoor spaces warm so you can hang out in your back yard well into the fall.

Don’t Be Bugged

If mosquitos and other biting insects are making you into their dinner, you can stop that with a propane insect trap. They use carbon dioxide and moisture, mimicking human breath, to lure insects into the trap, where they stay.

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