Propane Can Save Your Business Money!

Written on: August 21, 2023

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commercial propane Milwaukee, wi Using propane for your business is a great way to minimize expenses while creating new opportunities to increase growth and profits.

Since 1938, Boehlke Bottled Gas has been serving businesses like yours in Southeastern Wisconsin with reliable commercial propane services. We offer:

Benefits of propane for commercial properties

Propane can do a lot around commercial buildings including offices, retail establishments, industrial facilities, commercial laundries and kitchens, and more.

Heating: A propane gas furnace efficiently warms air to temperatures of around 130˚ – 140˚ Fahrenheit, utilizing short bursts of intense heat to minimize operating costs. In contrast, electric heat pumps produce air that may feel cool to the touch. On colder days, additional heating will be necessary. However, this reliance on supplemental heating can significantly increase your overall heating expenses.

Water heating: A propane water heater offers hot water at a dramatically lower cost of an electric heater. But if you opt for a propane tankless water heater, your costs plummet even further! If your business uses a lot of hot water, propane could help you save a lot of money!

Generators: A propane standby generator offers more than just keeping the lights on for your business. If you operate in industries like restaurants, grocery stores, or food service, it ensures that your refrigeration system remains operational, safeguarding your food. Additionally, it maintains a safe temperature for essential technology such as computers and servers. With a propane standby generator, your HVAC system will continue to function effectively.

How else propane can help your bottom line

Propane is widely used across a variety of industries. In the hospitality sector, which includes restaurants, supper clubs, banquet halls, hotels, and resorts, it serves numerous purposes such as cooking, heating, laundry services, fireplaces, and more. It is a versatile and essential resource that fulfills a range of needs in these establishments.

Propane provides temporary heating and generator power for construction sites, allowing work to continue in cold weather, avoiding slowdowns that add to your costs.

Propane forklifts outperform electric forklifts in terms of efficiency, versatility, and power. They offer enhanced performance and adaptability, making them a superior choice in the world of forklifts.

Landscaping companies rely on propane to power their commercial mowers and other equipment, offering superior efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions, making them safer for workers.

Propane is the key to efficiency and security on the farm. With your propane supply right there on the property, you no longer must rely on a large utility company that may experience outages or disruptions in service. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having propane readily available for all your needs, including heating for barns and other outbuildings such as greenhouses and poultry houses, efficient water heating, and flame weed control that is safer for workers and the environment than chemical herbicides.

Propane autogas: A money-saving game changer!

Boehlke Bottled Gas provides customized propane autogas services to area businesses, school districts, and municipalities. Here are some of the ways autogas can benefit your finances.

Save money on fuel – Autogas offers a remarkably cost-effective alternative, delivering impressive average savings of 30 to 40% per mile traveled. It’s worth noting that autogas typically comes at a 30% lower price compared to gasoline. However, in light of the recent surge in fuel prices, autogas emerges as an even more advantageous option, especially when compared to diesel.

Lower operating costs than diesel – Using diesel technology can result in additional expenses related to the purchase, storage, and replacement of diesel emissions fluid. Moreover, in Southeastern Wisconsin, where frigid temperatures are common, the use of anti-gel fluids becomes necessary for diesel-powered vehicles to prevent fuel filter or line blockages. With autogas, those costs are eliminated!

Lower cost of ownership – Diesel vehicles must be equipped with a diesel particulate filter to meet emission standards, which requires regular cleaning. Excessive idling can result in increased maintenance expenses and overall ownership costs. In contrast, autogas engines produce zero emissions, demand less maintenance, and can boast a longer lifespan when compared to diesel or gasoline vehicles.

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