Commercial Propane for Retail Businesses

June 3, 2024

Grow your retail business with propane services from Boehlke Bottled Gas In today’s competitive retail landscape, the energy source you choose can significantly impact your operational efficiency, costs, and environmental footprint. As business owners strive for sustainability and cost-effectiveness, commercial propane emerges as a compelling option. This post explores why propane is becoming the go-to […]

What are the Advantages of Propane Autogas?

May 20, 2024

Boehlke Bottled Gas helps your business benefit from all that autogas can do For decades, the fuels of choice in fleet transportation have been diesel and gasoline. All while a superstar in the energy realm — propane autogas — seemed content to play the supporting role in the public’s eye. However, as the transportation industry […]

Propane Gas Leak Symptoms

May 6, 2024

Follow these tips to help keep your home and loved ones safe Propane is a versatile and widely-used fuel in many households, known for its efficiency and clean-burning properties. However, as with any gas, there are risks associated with improper or damaged equipment. Gas leaks, particularly those involving propane, require immediate attention as they can […]

Is Forklift Propane Different?

April 15, 2024

Customized forklift propane service for your business from Boehlke Bottled Gas If your operations revolve around material handling in a warehouse, forklifts are likely a common sight. They are the workhorses of any industrial space, and ensuring they operate effectively and safely is paramount. Among the different types of forklifts, propane-fueled forklifts hold a significant […]

What Is a Propane Tank Lease?

April 1, 2024

Boehlke Bottled Gas makes having a propane tank easy! Propane stands out as a widely-used and favored energy source, powering a range of household appliances from heating systems to stoves. Its reputation for efficiency and adaptability has made it the top pick for homeowners seeking dependable and cost-effective energy solutions. When it comes to acquiring […]

How to Install Propane Grill Tank to Your Grill

March 18, 2024

Boehlke Bottled Gas makes getting a grill tank easy! For outdoor cooking enthusiasts and home grillers, firing up the barbecue is more than just a casual activity—it’s an art form, a social cornerstone, and a delicious reason to gather. When it comes to using a gas grill, installing a propane tank is a crucial step […]

Save Money With Propane Autogas

March 4, 2024

Boehlke Bottled Gas helps boost your bottom line As we march towards a more sustainable future, alternative fuels are carving significant inroads within the transportation industry. Among them, propane autogas emerges as not only a greener choice but a savvier one, particularly when it comes to cost savings. For fleet managers and fuel efficiency advocates, […]

Temporary Jobsite Heating With Propane

February 19, 2024

Partner with Boehlke Bottled Gas for your temporary heating needs The frigid bite of winter doesn’t mean construction projects grind to a halt. Despite the ice and snow, work must carry on, albeit under suitable conditions to ensure the safety and comfort of workers. One significant aspect of creating a productive and safe winter construction […]

How Hot Does Propane Burn?

February 5, 2024

Boehlke Bottled Gas is your reliable propane delivery company! If you’re unfamiliar with having propane in your Southeastern Wisconsin home, you might assume it’s identical to natural gas. After all, they’re both gaseous substances, aren’t they? There is a stark contrast between the two! Propane possesses benefits that natural gas simply cannot rival. Among those […]

How Long Does a Forklift Propane Cylinder Last?

January 22, 2024

Boehlke Bottled Gas keeps your forklifts running! Many Southeastern Wisconsin businesses rely on forklifts and are also discovering the benefits of using propane to power them! Boehlke Bottled Gas is the region’s leader for forklift propane. We specialize in providing customized propane solutions for forklift cylinders to suit your specific requirements. As a local business, […]