Why Convert to Autogas?

Written on: July 11, 2022

The greener future of fleet fueling!

business fleet efficiency wisconsinWhat with inflation and the instability in fuel supply and pricing, you may not be feeling good about the bottom line of your business lately.

With our propane autogas services, Boehlke Bottled Gas has a solution that will not only get your fuel prices under control and bring stability to your fuel supply, but help you save money over the long term.

We provide comprehensive autogas service, starting with partnering with a local business to convert your vehicle fleet to propane autogas. We also will create and a customized autogas filling station at your location and provide you with reliable propane autogas delivery tailored to your business, so your fleet always has the fuel it needs.

How Autogas Saves Money

Autogas vehicles on average cost about $1.50 less per hour to operate than comparable gasoline vehicles. Read on to discover more about the economic and other kinds of advantages your business, municipality, or school district may gain from a propane autogas-powered vehicle fleet.

The savings on operating expenses that make autogas so popular when compared to gasoline aren’t limited to fuel costs.

Autogas Burns Cleaner

Propane autogas is far cleaner to burn than gasoline, generating zero greenhouse gases and having a higher octane rating. It helps you save money in a variety of ways.

Autogas burns cleaner, reducing engine wear and tear. Maintenance expenses are lower, breakdowns are rarer, and oil changes aren’t required as often as with gasoline engines, resulting in reduced vehicle downtime. Less wear also means that your vehicles last longer so you don’t need to replace them as frequently.

On-site Fueling Benefits

You’ll also save money since fueling your fleet becomes considerably easier. You can easily keep track of how much fuel is consumed by each vehicle because all your cars are fueled on-site. You won’t have to deal with managing dozens of receipts from filling stations, reimbursement paperwork, or fueling credit cards for your drivers anymore.

Your fleet fueling costs also go down with autogas because fuel theft is virtually eliminated!

State and federal grants, tax breaks, and other incentives can help you save money when your fleet is fueled with autogas.

It is less expensive to convert your vehicle fleet to autogas than it is to switch to any other alternative fuel. The cost of implementing autogas infrastructure is also significantly lower. For the price of one CNG station, you can build 15 propane autogas stations!

Fueling your fleet with autogas provides your business a competitive advantage with potential clients that prioritize environmental friendliness.

Ready to learn more about how propane autogas can give your business a boost? Contact Boehlke Bottled Gas today to get started!