What Does Propane Gas Smell Like?

Written on: June 19, 2023

Important propane safety information

propane leak Milwaukee county, wi Propane has a good safety record due to the dedication of companies like Boehlke Bottled Gas and strict government regulations.

To ensure safe usage of propane at home, it is essential to have knowledge about the correct usage and the necessary measures to take in case of a propane leak, even though it is a rare occurrence. We have listed several common topics that can assist you in understanding propane safety better.

How to protect your home from propane leaks

To prevent propane leaks, it is important to regularly schedule maintenance for all your propane appliances with a professional service technician.

A propane service technician will perform a comprehensive inspection of your appliances during a tune-up. They will fix any gas leak issues they discover.

To make your home safer, it is recommended to invest in propane leak detectors. You should place them near your propane appliances like stoves, fireplaces, and water heaters. Keep in mind that you should place the detectors lower than the pillows on your bed because propane gas is heavier than air.

Carbon monoxide detectors are not capable of detecting propane leaks. Similarly, propane leak detectors cannot detect carbon monoxide leaks. To ensure safety from both, it is important to install both types of detectors in your home.

The smell of propane

When it comes to propane safety, this is the most important thing you should learn.

The natural state of propane is odorless. However, manufacturers add ethyl mercaptan, a type of odorant, to give propane a distinct scent. The purpose is to help people detect any propane leaks fast and easily.

A strong and unpleasant odor, similar to the smell of rotten eggs or a skunk’s spray, in your home is likely an indication of a propane gas leak.

What to do if you smell gas

First, let’s discuss what not to if you detect the smell of propane gas.

The first thing to not do is panic. Knowing and following the safety guidelines provided below can help you remain calm. Secondly, do not try to find where the smell is coming from. It’s better to let the experts handle it. Instead, focus on keeping yourself and others safe.

Now, let’s cover the steps you need to take if you smell the distinctive rotten-egg/skunky that indicates a propane leak.

Leave the house immediately and remember to take your pets with you.

Make sure to put out any possible sources of ignition, like candles or cigarettes, before you leave.

When you exit the house, please avoid using any object that might cause a spark, such as light switches, telephones, or vape pens.

It is important to safely turn off the propane supply valve on your propane tank if you can reach it. All adults in your household should know how to do this. If anyone is unfamiliar with the process, please contact us, and we will teach you.

Call 911 and then Boehlke Bottled Gas as soon as you are a safe distance from the house.

To ensure your safety, please maintain a safe distance and wait until the first responders and service technicians have located and repaired the leak. Wait for their confirmation before returning to your residence.

Do you have questions about propane safety? Get in touch with the pros at Boehlke Bottled Gas and we’ll be happy to help!