The Versatility of Commercial Propane

Written on: December 4, 2023

Boehlke Bottled Gas is your partner for commercial propane services

commercial propane Milwaukee county, wi Boehlke Bottled Gas is proud to serve a diverse array of businesses as their commercial propane provider. Our valued customers span various industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, health care, education, and more.

Propane commercial standby generators guarantee uninterrupted power supply for a wide range of facilities, such as hospitals and other health care facilities, nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living facilities, and apartment buildings. Our dependable bulk propane delivery service ensures a consistent and plentiful fuel supply to meet their requirements.

Temporary heating equipment powered by propane help area construction companies keep projects moving forward even in extreme cold while helping materials like paint and stucco adhere and cure properly.

Tourism is a major industry in Wisconsin, with an economic impact of $23.7 billion and providing more than $1.5 billion in state and local income taxes. Almost 175,000 jobs are supported by tourism and hospitality.

Propane is indispensable to various hospitality businesses like hotels, restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts, inns, supper clubs, event centers, golf courses, resorts, and more. It fuels a multitude of operations, ensuring seamless service and delightful experiences for guests.

Propane-powered clothes dryers are highly preferred due to their ability to dry large loads of laundry, including linens, 25% faster than electric dryers. Moreover, they minimize wear and reduce wrinkles, resulting in more efficient housekeeping and lower energy costs.

Restaurants, supper clubs, event centers, and other commercial kitchens in the region greatly benefit from utilizing propane. Propane ranges and grills provide precise and instantaneous temperature control, enabling these establishments to craft exceptional culinary creations. Additionally, propane fuels deep fryers, broilers, and warming stations, while also delivering high-efficiency water heating.

Beyond the kitchen, propane enhances outdoor activities in various ways. It fuels fireplaces and firepits, creating a cozy ambiance for outdoor gatherings. Propane deck and patio heaters allow for comfortable dining even in cooler weather.

Bulk propane for agriculture

Here in Wisconsin, agriculture plays a huge part in our economy and way of life, contributing $104.8 billion to the state’s economy while supporting $435,700 jobs, approximately 12% of the state’s employment.

As a locally based business, Boehlke Bottled Gas possesses a deep understanding of the unique needs of farmers and agriculture-related businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin. This intimate knowledge sets us apart from national propane companies, allowing us to provide unparalleled support and tailored solutions to our valued customers.

Propane plays a vital role in various aspects of local farming. It offers dependable and energy-efficient heating solutions to barns, poultry and hog houses, greenhouses, and other structures. Its versatility and reliability make it an indispensable resource for farmers, ensuring optimal conditions for their operations.
Utilizing propane for crop drying offers a cost-effective solution that ultimately results in a higher yield.

Propane forklift services

Forklifts play a crucial role for numerous commercial customers, serving as essential equipment. These versatile machines enable the swift, secure, and efficient movement of materials, catering to a diverse array of businesses, including:

There are numerous advantages to using propane forklifts. Firstly, unlike electric forklifts, they do not require lengthy recharging periods. Simply exchange the empty forklift cylinder with a full one, and it can resume its tasks promptly. Additionally, propane forklifts are versatile, as they can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, even in wet conditions. Furthermore, they deliver exceptional power while navigating inclines.

With our customized propane forklift cylinder exchange services, your business can enjoy improved productivity.

Fuel your fleet with propane autogas

Did you know that vehicles can be powered by propane? With propane autogas services from Boehlke Bottled Gas, you can reap the benefits of using propane to fuel your business’ fleet vehicles.

Autogas offers many advantages, including:

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