Installing Temporary Heaters Indoors

Written on: February 8, 2021

Consider Logistical Challenges

heating for construction wisconsinThe average high temperature in February here in southeastern Wisconsin is 31˚ Fahrenheit.

That makes for some brutal conditions for people working at unheated construction or renovation sites. That cold is not only unsafe, it’s hard for your workers to be productive because the cold also impacts materials and projects. Here are some examples.

There is a solution to these problems: temporary construction heating services from Boehlke Bottled Gas!

What Our Temporary Heating Service Looks Like

Our commercial propane experts will thoroughly go over the scope of your project, and your needs, and give you a FREE quote for propane delivery, tanks, and everything you need to use the equipment from your temporary heating contractor. We can also work with them to make sure we fully understand what you need.

We have decades of experience providing propane delivery and service to construction and renovation companies like yours.

One of the ways our temporary heating services stand out is our propane tanks come with wireless monitors that track your propane tank levels and use cellular technology to let us know when you need more propane. We get it to you, so your project keeps going in safety and comfort.

Ventilation Is Essential

An important logistical issue of temporary heating is ventilation. When you’re using temporary heating indoors at a construction or renovation site, access to proper ventilation is essential. Discuss this with your temporary heating contractor.

One way you can make it work is by taking advantage of a drop ceiling and using a smokestack style ductwork from the temporary heating unit to the spot where it ventilates out of the building.
If the interior space you’re working in does not have a drop ceiling, we’ll help you come up with solutions.

Direct fire heaters, often referred to as torpedoes, are popular temporary heating equipment as they are the most affordable, can work to -30˚ Fahrenheit, and can be placed several feet away from workers and still keep them warm. They are also easily vented to the outdoors.

Contact Boehlke Bottled Gas to learn more about our temporary heating services!