We Can Help You Ready-up the Farm!

Written on: May 1, 2023

Put Boehlke Bottled Gas’ agricultural propane services to work for you

propane for farms Pleasant Prairie, wi Farming is not just a way of life, it’s a business.

That business depends on maximizing efficiency and output while keeping costs down. Energy costs can play a major role in all of that.

With commercial propane services from Boehlke Bottled Gas, propane can make farm work easier and more productive while lowering energy costs.

Propane on the farm

From its energy efficiency and versatility, to its easy availability and affordability, it’s no wonder propane is the ideal source of power for agricultural operations. Discover how introducing propane into your farm can provide a plethora of advantages!

Heating and water heating – Farm owners understand better than anyone that the key to successfully running barns, poultry and hog houses, dairies and greenhouses is an efficient energy source. To guarantee dependable heating capabilities as well as hot water with optimal efficiency, propane is the premier option available.

Generators – If a power outage persists for too long, it can have devastating effects on a farm. Luckily, propane standby generators are here to save the day by promptly restoring electricity when it abruptly ceases. This keeps various systems operating continuously like lighting and heating, ensuring that all livestock remain safe and cared for. Plants in greenhouses are provided the sustained access to light and energy they need in order to thrive.

Equipment and vehicles – With no emissions involved, propane has been tapped to power everything from irrigation systems and forklifts on farms of all sizes – allowing farmers to easily move hay bales around their land or bring feed into barns. This clean-burning energy is the perfect solution for an array of tasks that need quick and efficient completion. Our propane autogas services can fuel your vehicles as well.

Crop drying – Upgrade to the latest propane-powered crop dryers now and enjoy their numerous benefits! Not only are they cost effective and environmentally friendly, but you will also find them to be incredibly fuel efficient. With more BTUs, your crops can be dried quickly while simultaneously saving you a significant amount on propane costs.

Propane crop drying provides not only higher yields and a lowered risk loss, but it is also more economical. Rather than paying someone else to do something you can easily accomplish yourself, with on-site propane crop drying you receive top notch results with incredibly low costs.

Weed control – Unless kept in check, invasive weeds can have a disastrous consequence on crop yields. While turning to chemical herbicides might seem like a straightforward solution, it is not only dangerous for your health and the environment, but also puts everyone you employ at risk.

Not only are herbicide treatments costly, but they also require a substantial amount of time before you and your employees can safely re-enter the fields. Fortunately, propane-powered flame weed control offers an efficient solution that quickly eradicates weeds without the danger of introducing harmful chemicals into our soil or groundwater. You can go back to work in the fields immediately, improving productivity.

Ready for superior energy efficiency and security? Contact Boehlke Bottled Gas to learn more about how propane can help your farm prosper!