How To Read A Propane Tank Gauge

Written on: February 15, 2021

Get Peace Of Mind With Automatic Delivery

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If you use propane in your home, you know all the great things it can do, including:

But to get all those benefits, you need to have propane at your home.

Do you use Will-Call for your propane delivery? Then you need to know how much propane is in your tank so you can contact us to request a delivery before your tank runs low. You know that by regularly checking the tank gauge levels on your propane tank. Here’s how to do it.

Go outside to your propane tank. Look for the round dial on your propane tank that looks like a car’s speedometer. The numbers on the dial indicate the percentage of how full your propane tank is. If the needle is on 60, your propane tank is 60% full.

We urge our customers to not let their tank gauge levels fall below 30% full, especially in winter. That gives us time to get a delivery to you, so you don’t have to worry about having enough propane to keep your home warm, safe, and comfortable.

Automatic Delivery Makes Life Easier

Running out of propane is a hassle, and an expensive one to boot. There’s the discomfort of a cold home and worries about frozen pipes. There’s an extra expense with the emergency delivery. You will need a service technician to perform a pressure test on your tank, and a professional re-lighting of all your propane appliance pilots.

But with Automatic Delivery, you don’t have to worry about all that. Our computer system uses your propane usage history and current weather conditions to accurately know when you’ll need your tank filled and set up a delivery for you. No more needing to go outside in sub-freezing weather to check your tank gauge levels!

If you want even more security, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring. It uses wireless and cellular technology to let us know 24/7 precisely how much propane you have.

Become a Boehlke Bottled Gas customer for the most dependable propane delivery in southeastern Wisconsin. And don’t forget to enroll in Automatic Delivery!