Propane vs. Electric Water Heaters

Written on: March 6, 2023

Choose the right water heater for your home!

propane water heater milwaukee, wi Have you ever wondered how long your home’s water heater will last? If it is more than ten years old, then the time has come to begin planning to replace it. You see, a typical tank-style heating unit can only survive for up to ten years on average before needing replacement, so if yours is any older than that, now might be the perfect opportunity!

If you’re hesitant about replacing your water heater, don’t be. The unfavorable consequences of delaying are a good incentive to not delay. Not only could you be left with an expensive mess and costly repairs, but also you would have to make a rushed decision on which heater is best for your home without taking the time to do proper research. Don’t wait around to replace your old water heater. Make the decision now and select the perfect match for you without hassle or worry!

In the hunt for a new water heater, energy efficiency should be at the forefront of your mind. Propane water heaters are an obvious top choice in this regard, far outclassing electric models by leaps and bounds!

What impacts water heating costs?

Did you know that water heating is the second biggest energy cost in your home, following cooling and heating? Making a smart choice when selecting an appropriate water heater can help reduce this considerable expense, resulting in sizeable savings!

Here are some things to take into account when comparing propane and electric water heaters.

Energy factor. Make your shopping experience easier and more effective when purchasing a water heater by using the Energy Factor score to identify which one is most energy-saving. When shopping around for a water heater, the energy factor is your go-to measure of efficiency and cost savings. The higher the rating indicates greater economic benefits over time on utility bills, making comparison between heaters easier.

The Energy Factor number is obtained from a test developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and takes into account heat loss within the heater and its plumbing, and the heater’s capacity to send heat to the water in its tank. The Energy Factor of a propane water heater is often in the range of .5 to .65, whereas electric water heaters an Energy Factor of around .9.

Although the Energy Factor is a great way to get an initial idea of your heater’s operational cost, it does not account for fuel and power expenses. Therefore, this factor alone cannot accurately assess a water heater’s total operating costs.

Recovery efficiency. When compared to electric models, propane-powered water heaters provide superior recovery rates. With their effectiveness in providing adequate hot water, propane water heaters can increase your energy efficiency and allow you to choose a smaller tank when compared with electric models. By using a smaller tank, you can easily maintain warm water while reducing operational costs due to the decreased energy required.

Boasting optimal recovery efficiency, propane-powered water tanks will have you enjoying warm showers in a matter of minutes! No more wasting time waiting for the tank to re-heat after another person’s shower – get your hot water quickly and efficiently with propane. Also, propane tankless water heaters eliminate the wait completely because they produce endless hot water, on-demand!

Fuel and energy costs. Despite electric water heaters having a higher Energy Factor, the cost of running a propane water heater is more budget-friendly than relying on electricity due to electricity’s high rates.

The Department of Energy’s formula allows you to figure out the financial cost of water heaters and draw comparisons between them.

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