A Guide to Propane Tank Sizes

Written on: August 23, 2021

Which One is Right For Me?

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If you’ve never had to deal with getting a new propane tank before, the process may seem a bit intimidating. Where do you get it? Buy or lease? And how big a tank do you need?

Fortunately, southeast Wisconsin propane users have an outstanding resource in Boehlke Bottled Gas. We’ve been serving this area for more than 80 years, and understand the propane needs of homeowners like you.

We have the widest selection of propane tank sizes in the region and provide safe and expert propane tank installation done to meet all standards and regulations. Our affordable propane tank leasing makes having a propane tank stress-free, because we handle all the maintenance and repairs.

We put our knowledge to work making sure you have the right size propane tank for your home’s needs, not just now but in the future. If you plan on building an addition or adding finished space to your home, or if you plan on adding more propane appliances like a water heater or fireplace, we’ll take that into account when advising you on your propane tank’s size.

Tank Sizes and Their Uses

Here’s a guide to the most common propane tank sizes and their applications, so you’ll have an idea of what sizes will fit your needs.

20-, 30-, 40- or 100-pound cylinders

These tanks are portable. They’re used for things like propane grills, RVs, camp stoves, portable generators, deck and patio heaters, firepits, insect traps, and portable heaters.

60-gallon tanks

If you’re using propane for one small appliance, like a space heater, this would be the size you will likely get.

120-gallon tanks

Some propane appliances have a greater estimated usage than others. Such items include stoves, water heaters, and clothes dryers; this tank is for them. But if you also need to provide heating in your home through propane this will not suffice.

320- to 500-gallon tanks

If you heat your home with propane, you’ll likely be getting one of these sizes. Which one depends on the size of your home, and how many other propane appliances you use.

1,000-gallon tanks

This type of tank is most commonly found in commercial, agricultural, or industrial settings, but if you have a large house and use propane for heating and several high-Btu appliances like pool heaters, this may be the best option for you.

Need a propane tank? Contact us today to get started. And don’t forget to ask about propane tank leasing!