How To Make Propane Safety Fun for Kids

Written on: June 13, 2022

Use these ideas to protect your family

kids safety tips wisconsinKeeping your children safe is at the heart of everything you do as a parent. You put locks on lower cabinets, store hazardous items like cleaning products out of reach, use car seat and childproof caps, and more.

If you have propane in your home, it is also essential that they (and you) learn about propane safety. Teaching your children about propane safety does not have to be a drudgery. It is, and should be, enjoyable! With the help of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), you can make propane safety a fun topic for both you and your children.

PERC has compiled suggestions and resources to help you teach your children about propane in a fun and memorable way. Here are some ideas.

Put the kids in charge

Giving a child a task, and praising them on completing it, is an excellent boost to their self-esteem and will help these lessons stay with them. Make your kid (or kids) the home inspection Safety Ranger for your house. Use this home safety inspection checklist to teach your kids about appliances that use propane gas, what propane smells like (rotten eggs), where the gas and carbon monoxide detectors are kept, and more.

Involve them in safety planning

Designate a safe location away from your home where everyone in your family can congregate in an emergency. Have your children make a sign for the meeting place. They may either make their own or use this PropaneKids template to fill it out and color it in.

Practice makes perfect

Kids enjoy learning by doing rather than listening to a long speech. Role-play a gas leak to help your kids practice your propane emergency safety plan, such as getting to the meeting place.

Make fun a part of the lesson

PERC’s PropaneKids website has loads of entertaining and educational activities for your children to learn about propane safety and other things related to it. There are engaging games, coloring pages, scientific experiments, movies, and more!

Do you have questions about propane safety? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.