What Propane Appliances Can I Use In My Home?

Written on: February 20, 2023

Discover all the ways propane can make your home better!

propane appliances wisconsin If you’ve never used propane and are moving to a new home that uses propane, you’re in for a treat! Propane appliances provide outstanding energy efficient, comfort, and amenities you’ll love.

With reliable propane delivery, expert propane tank installation, and affordable propane tank leasing, Boehlke Bottled Gas makes it easy to enjoy all that propane has to offer.

Home heating and space heating

When it comes to comfort and efficiency, you can’t beat propane for keeping your home warm and comfy!
Today’s propane-powered heating systems achieve efficiencies of up to 98%, meaning that virtually every cent you spend on propane for heating your home goes towards heat and is not lost in the combustion process.

Propane space heaters provide efficient warmth and comfort to unheated and underheated areas of your home such as sunporches, workshops, and garages.

Water heating

Water heaters are the second-largest users of energy in your home, second only to your HVAC system. Heating water accounts for about 20% of your home’s energy consumption.

By switching to propane-powered water heating, you can enjoy more comfort while saving energy. A 40-gallon propane storage water tank can deliver the same amount of hot water in the first hour as a 50-gallon electric model, allowing you to enjoy significantly more practical and cost-effective energy use in your home. Propane tankless water heaters only heat water when you need it and can dramatically cut your water heating energy costs.


Whether it’s the snow and ice of winter or severe storms of summer, weather can knock out the power in your house. A propane whole-house backup generator provides security and comfort. Your lights, HVAC, refrigerator, and security system stay running, and you’ll have power for electronics and essential medical equipment like CPAPs.


Deciding to install propane in a home is oftentimes driven by the desire for gas cooking. With propane, you now have an opportunity to experience this amenity wherever you may reside – even if there isn’t access to natural gas service!

Cooking with propane grants you the advantage of precise and instantaneous temperature control to help turn out delicious meals. Electric ranges do not offer that control and take longer to heat up and cool down, which can end up causing your food to be overcooked. With a propane oven, your holiday roasts and turkey will be better protected from drying out due to the moister heat than in an electric oven.

Outdoor living

You likely know that propane grills are great, but there’s much more propane can do in your back yard! Propane deck and patio heaters let you enjoy time outdoors even if there’s a nip in the air. A propane firepit gives you a place to relax solo or with friends and family. Don’t get bugged by uninvited insects at your cookout: A propane insect trap mimics human breath, luring these pests away from you and into the trap.

You can enjoy all that propane outdoor appliances bring to your home with the Boehlke Bottled Gas tank exchange , found at retail locations all over Southeastern Wisconsin.

Clothes dryers

With a propane clothes dryer, you can get your laundry dried in 25% less time than with traditional electric models. The moister heat produced from the propane ensures that wrinkles are minimized and there’s far less wear on each item. So not only is your laundry finished more quickly but you also have significantly fewer items to iron!

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