Propane And Your Recreational Vehicle

Written on: June 15, 2021

Discover All Propane Can Do To Make RV Life Even Better!

propane camping tips wisconsinPeople love vacationing in an RV because they can take so many of the comforts of home with them.

Propane helps with that by heating water for your showers, powering your stove, and running the refrigerator so the pop and beer are always cold. You also stay comfortable in your RV because propane runs the heat and air conditioning.

And we’re just getting started on all the ways propane makes traveling in an RV better.

Don’t feel like cooking in the RV? A propane camp stove makes outdoor cooking easy, whether it’s a steak for supper or scrambled eggs for breakfast. A propane outdoor fryer can not only fry up your catch of the day, but it can also boil a batch of corn on the cob.

Feel like sleeping outdoors? A propane tent heater will keep you warm. Just be sure you use a model that’s been approved for camping use. Many propane camping heaters come equipped with an automatic shut-off switch if the unit is tipped over or carbon monoxide is detected.

A propane mosquito trap uses carbon dioxide and moisture to mimic human breath. It lures mosquitoes away from you, so you remain itch-free. They go into the trap and meet their maker.

Propane Safety Tips For RVing

Propane has a strong safety record, thanks to high industry standards and stringent regulations. But you still need to know how to safely use propane with your RV so you can enjoy your trip.

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