Propane Gives Landscapers a Competitive Edge

Written on: June 20, 2022

Go green, save some green, and earn more green!

energy efficient landscaping wisconsinDo you operate a landscaping business? If you do, you are undoubtedly familiar with the competitive nature of the business in Southeastern Wisconsin.

However, there is a way to gain an edge over your competition: convert your gasoline-powered lawn maintenance equipment to propane!

Boehlke Bottled Gas provides outstanding commercial propane services including propane autogas services.

Your landscaping service will benefit from the use of propane. Its versatility allows it to power your truck, mowers, trimmers, and other equipment while outperforming gasoline in almost every category.

That’s just the beginning of what propane can do for you! Continue reading to learn about all the ways propane can help your landscaping business flourish.

Propane is good for your bottom line

Propane saves you money in multiple ways. First, propane usually costs less per gallon than gasoline. Also, the government does not tax propane, so you save even more! 

Refueling a propane mower or other type of propane landscaping equipment is simple, straightforward, and safe. Simply remove the empty tank, replace it with a fresh one, and your staff are back to work in just a few minutes. That’s much faster than having to go look for a gas pump or a gas can. Propane doesn’t leave messy spills to lose time cleaning up like gasoline or diesel. Theft of fuel is practically non-existent.

Propane is clean-burning and has a higher-octane rating than gasoline, both of which save you money. The maintenance needs of your landscaping equipment will be reduced. Propane may help your equipment last a lot longer, saving you money on new equipment. And since your equipment is in the shop less for maintenance, it will be out in the field doing the labor that generates revenue.

Propane’s eco-friendliness is attractive to customers

More of your clients (and potential customers) want services that are environmentally responsible. As a result, you’ll be able to promote your cleaner, greener company and gain a competitive advantage by using propane!

Propane has 60% lower carbon emissions than other fuels. Not only is this good for the air quality and air that your workers are breathing, but it also gives you an edge when competing for environmentally aware clients. Propane is not harmful to air, water, or soil if it leaks. That will never be the case with gasoline or diesel!

Get the best commercial propane service for your landscaping business. Contact us today to get started!