Owning A Propane Fireplace: 5 Benefits

Written on: December 21, 2020

Get Cozy Comfort With No Work, No Worries!

propane fireplace installation wisconsinWhen winter has its grip on southeastern Wisconsin, there’s nothing like relaxing in front of a fire in the fireplace.

And when you have a propane fireplace, you can get that relaxation with the work and hassle of a wood-burning fireplace. With propane delivery from Boehlke Bottled Gas, your home can have the warmth and comfort from a propane fireplace all winter long.

Perks Of A Propane Hearth

Not sure about adding a propane fireplace? Here are five reasons why you should!

Easy heat

A propane fireplace is zero work. Simply push a button, and you have a fire. You know what else is easy? Installation, because you don’t need to endure weeks of work and mess (and the thousands of dollars in costs) like you do with adding a masonry fireplace. Most propane fireplaces can be installed in a day!

Fire when you want it, and only when you want it

No more waiting for a wood fire to get going. You can have your fire whenever you want, as long as you want it. When you’re done, just turn it off. No cleaning up ashes and soot afterwards.

You have options

There are several kinds or propane fireplaces, such as a propane fireplace insert, which is installed along with gas logs into an existing wood-burning fireplace. There are also freestanding propane fireplaces and stoves, which are installed on a blank wall and don’t need an existing chimney.

More environmental friendliness

Burning wood produces about 28 pounds of smog-producing particulate emissions — that’s the ash and soot — per million BTUs (MMBTUs) of heat output. Propane combustion produces less than 1% of that amount, so you’re shrinking your carbon footprint!


Propane fireplaces convert most of the propane they burn to heat for your home. They generate up to six times the heat that electric fireplaces can. And wood-burning fireplaces send most of the heat they generate up the chimney.

Boehlke Bottled Gas has the reliable propane delivery you need to keep your fireplace going whenever you want it this winter. Become a customer today!