Propane For Farmers: Save Money In The Long Run

Written on: August 10, 2020

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Boehlke Bottled Gas will help your farming business grow and prosper!

Few professions have the long work day and diverse to-do list that you do as a farmer.

And in this business of farming, you are looking every day to keep your costs down so you can keep more of the income your farm brings in.

Propane can do that for you!

Boehlke Bottled Gas as been working with farmers since 1938. We’re locally based and get how hard you work and what you need. Our services are tailored to you. And we can work with you to put propane to work on your farm.

Here are some ways propane can help you save money.

Crop drying

When it comes to grain drying, propane is the way to go!

Today’s propane grain dryers are incredibly efficient, using about half the propane as compared with older grain dryers. Less propane means lower costs!

Propane has a higher BTU than natural gas, so you’ll get your grain dried more efficiently.

And because you’re drying your grain on-site, you get a better yield with less risk of loss than if you leave it in the field to take it to an elevator. And, speaking of grain elevators, you no longer have to pay them, either!

Weed control

If you use herbicides to control weeds, you’re not being cost-effective. First, there’s the cost of the chemicals. Then, you have to wait while they work before you can go back to the fields. And then there’s the environmental damage.

But with propane-powered flame weed control, you get the job done faster and more efficiently, so you’re back to work faster. Plus, there’s no environmental damage!


From propane forklifts to vehicles run on propane autogas, your farm’s equipment and vehicles will run cleaner, with fewer emissions, better efficiency, and less wear so they last longer with fewer breakdowns.


Whether it’s livestock or poultry to keep warm, or plants in greenhouses to protect, propane provides efficient, even heating. It can also heat water.

Contact our propane experts to learn more about how propane can help your farm!