What is Propane Autogas?

Written on: April 3, 2023

Fuel your fleet with cost-effective, eco-friendly propane autogas!

propane fleet Milwaukee, wi If your business uses diesel fuels for fleet fueling, you are understandably wincing at your fleet fueling costs these days.

There is a way to get off the diesel fuels pricing roller coaster. Convert your vehicle fleet to propane autogas with the help of Boehlke Bottled Gas!

We’ll be with you every step of the way with our autogas services. It starts with a consultation, where we thoroughly go over your business and fleet fueling needs. We then connect you with a local partner which will convert your fleet vehicles to run on propane gas.

While that happens, we assist in the custom design and installation of a propane autogas filling station at your business. We then create a personalized autogas delivery schedule so your fleet always has the autogas it needs to get work done.

Basic autogas information

Propane autogas is simply propane used in vehicles as an alternative fuel source. Autogas has become the world’s go-to option for those looking to break away from gasoline and diesel.

By 2022, the usage of propane autogas had ballooned to 27 million vehicles across the world! From school buses and taxis to delivery trucks and construction equipment – propane autogas has been used in a multitude of places. In fact, there are multiple fueling stations located throughout all states within America – so you’re never too far away from running on this green-friendly fuel source!

The Alternative Fuels Data Center reveals that almost two-thirds of all alternative fuel vehicles in the country presently run on propane. In fact, it is now the third most favored vehicle fuel following gasoline and diesel. Consequently, this popularity has sparked a wave of advancements with respect to vehicles powered by propane autogas.

Advantages of propane autogas

There are many ways that propane autogas can provide benefits to your business, municipality, or school district. Here are some of them.

Fuel costs. Autogas is often the more cost-effective choice, delivering an average savings of 30 to 40% per mile traveled. Traditionally it has been around 30% less costly than gasoline, yet considering this year’s dramatic fuel price hikes, propane’s edge over diesel increases even further!

Diesel engine costs. Diesel technology can be costly due to the need for purchasing, storing, and changing diesel emissions fluid. Additionally, in colder temperatures anti-gel fluids are essential to avoid clogging of fuel filters or lines. Gelling is a big problem here in Southeast Wisconsin, as extreme cold is common. With propane autogas, you don’t have to worry about any of this!

Cost of ownership. To comply with emission standards, diesel technology necessitates the installation of a diesel particulate filter that must receive regular cleaning. When idling excessively, this process is accelerated and ultimately drives up maintenance costs, adding to your overall cost of ownership. Autogas engines, on the other hand, create no emissions, need less maintenance, and can last much longer than diesel or gasoline vehicles.

Ready to put propane to work for your business’s success? Contact Boehlke Bottled Gas to learn more about our autogas services!