Pre-Buy Your Propane for Winter

Written on: August 9, 2021

Time Is Running Out To Have Peace of Mind About Your Propane Costs!

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We get it. It’s still summer and you don’t want to think about winter, cold weather, and having to turn on the heat in your home.

But a few minutes now can save you money and hassle this winter. Now is the time to enroll in our Pre-Buy program for your winter’s supply of propane. If you use more than 500 gallons of propane per year, you are eligible to sign up for Pre-Buy.

Pre-Buy enrollment ends on August 15. Act now so you don’t miss this great opportunity!

Pre-Buy: Easy and Worry-Free!

Here’s how Pre-Buy works: You can buy up to 100% of the propane you used this past year. Buying now, during the time of year that propane prices tend to be best for consumers, you get what could be a lower price per gallon than during the heating season. That can save you some big money!

Your propane price per gallon is locked in until May 15, 2022, no matter what crazy things happen in the markets this winter. If it ends up being a particularly cold winter and you need more propane before spring, we’ll deliver it at our fair and transparent market price. If it’s warm and you don’t use it all, you can roll the extra credit over to next year.

Other Ways To Control Your Propane Costs

With more than 80 years of serving southeastern Wisconsin, we know that our customers have different needs when it comes to how they manage their propane costs.

One of our more popular options is our Budget Pay plan. If you pay as you go for your propane, your bills are going to be bigger over the winter when you’re using propane for home heating. With Budget Pay, your propane costs are spread out over 11 even and easy monthly payments.

Autopay makes managing your propane costs a piece of cake. Your Boehlke Bottled Gas payments are automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card. Your payments are always on time. And, if you use a credit card that has a points-based rewards program, using it for your payments helps you earn those rewards sooner!

Get reliable, responsive propane delivery and service. Become a Boehlke Bottled Gas customer today!