Just How Efficient Is Propane Autogas?

Written on: July 17, 2023

Boehlke Bottled Gas makes fueling your vehicle fleet easy and cost-effective!

autogas Fond du Lac county, wi Efficiency matters when it comes to fueling the vehicle fleet for your business, municipality, or school district. However, there are multiple kinds of efficiency.

First, there is fuel economy, where the price of fuel and how far your vehicles can go with it. Another kind of efficiency is how the fuel affects the productivity of your vehicles and employees. This all adds up to how these different kinds of efficiency affect your bottom line.

Boehlke Bottled Gas provides an outstanding fuel choice for Southeastern Wisconsin businesses, school districts, and municipalities: propane autogas!

Propane autogas is one of the leading alternative fuels around the world, with more than 27 million vehicles globally being run on it.

You’ll get complete autogas services from us, starting with the initial consultation where we do a deep dive into your fleet fueling needs. From there, we’ll help you work with a local partner that will convert your fleet to run on propane autogas.

Boehlke Bottled Gas will create a customized propane autogas filling station and install it at your business. With the information we gained through the consultation, we come up with an autogas delivery plan that will ensure your autogas-powered fleet will always have fuel.

How autogas is more efficient than gasoline or diesel fuels

Propane autogas offers several advantages over electricity, diesel, or gasoline when it comes to efficiency and positive impact on your bottom line.

Reduced fueling costs – Autogas can save you an average of 30 to 40% per mile compared to gasoline and diesel. Using diesel technology can become more expensive due to the additional cost of buying, storing, and replacing diesel emissions fluid. In very cold temperatures like we get here in Wisconsin, anti-gel fluids are required to prevent blockages in the fuel filter or lines. By opting for propane autogas, all of these expenses and concerns can be avoided.

Another cost saving with autogas is the virtual elimination of fuel theft and abuse of company fueling cards.

Reduced operating costs – With a propane autogas filling station at your business, your employees no longer need to lose time finding a filling station while on the road. The workload of managing fueling cards, receipts, and bills is eliminated, freeing you and your staff up for more important work.

Ease of use– While electric vehicles are being promoted as a clean-energy option and incentives are being offered, propane autogas is superior in many ways to electric vehicles.

An electric vehicle fleet makes efficiency difficult thanks to:

Do you have questions about converting your fleet to propane autogas? Get in touch with the experts at Boehlke Bottled Gas for a consultation!