Fill Your BBQ Grill Tank Before Memorial Day!

Written on: May 2, 2022

Be ready for grilling season with Boehlke Bottled Gas

grill tank exchange wisconsinIs it just us or did winter seem longer than usual this year?

Maybe that’s why we’re so excited for nicer weather and grilling season coming up. With the Memorial Day weekend coming up, now is the time to get ready for grilling. One important task is to ensure that you have enough propane on hand. Boehlke Bottled Gas makes it easy with our Grill Tank Exchange services at retail locations all over Southeastern Wisconsin.

You can bring your empty propane cylinder to exchange it, and also purchase a new, full cylinder to have on hand for those big family cookouts. Our cylinders are always clean, properly filled, and inspected for safety.

How to prepare your grill for summer

Take some time ahead of your cookout to do a thorough spring cleaning of your propane BBQ grill. Here’s what to do.

Do a quick cleaning of your grill after each use. Keeping your grill clean not only keeps it performing properly, but safely. One in five grill fires is caused by leftover grease.

Propane cylinder safety best practices

NEVER store propane cylinders indoors or in a garage, shed, carport, sunporch, or any enclosed area. 

Propane cylinders should be kept outside, away from direct sunlight, upright, and on a dry surface, preferably off the ground. If the ground becomes wet, the cylinder can rust.

Propane tanks should also be kept away from fire and spark-producing equipment, such as your grill.

Keep your propane cylinders upright when bringing them for refill. Even if you believe a cylinder is empty, there may be enough gas in it to leak if it’s on its side. Don’t leave a cylinder in your car for long, especially in warm weather. It’s best to go straight to our exchange or refill station and go directly home. Make us your last stop before heading home if you’re running multiple errands.

Make sure you’ll have the propane your BBQ grill needs for the big summer kick-off. Click here to find the Boehlke Bottled Gas Grill Tank Exchange location near you.