Is Fall The Perfect Time To Fill Your Propane Tank?

Written on: September 21, 2020

Be ready for early chilly weather with a full supply of propane!

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With the arrival of fall this week, many of us here in southeastern Wisconsin are getting the sweaters out of storage and having our first apple cider doughnuts of the season.

There’s something else you need to do: Schedule a propane delivery from Boehlke Bottled Gas!

There are three reasons why getting a propane delivery now makes good sense.

Peace of mind

As you know, we can get some early bouts of cool and even cold weather here. If you don’t have a lot of propane left in your tank, you may be facing running out of propane. And that’s a lot of hassle and expense you don’t want.

But by filling your propane tank now, you don’t have to worry about that. You’ll have plenty of propane to weather the cold snap.

This is also a perfect time to enroll in Automatic Delivery. We’ll use your propane usage history and the current weather to accurately predict when you will need propane, and schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

If you want even more pinpoint accuracy, we also offer wireless propane tank monitoring so we know in real time just how much propane you have.

Great pricing

Propane prices rise with demand, which is highest three times a year: in the late fall as temperatures drop, all winter long, and in the summer months, when people take to the road for summer vacation and camping. Early fall is a “shoulder” season between periods of peak demand, so pricing is likely not to be as high as peak times.

Enjoy the benefits of propane

If you use propane for other appliances besides your home heating system, make sure you have enough propane to fire up your propane fireplace or hearth, use your space heater, or heat up your spa tub for a relaxing dip after a long day.

Schedule your propane delivery today!