Electric Vs. Propane Forklifts

Written on: March 15, 2021

Discover Why Propane Forklifts Are Better!

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From factories to farms, distribution centers to construction sites, forklifts are essential equipment for all kinds of businesses here in southeastern Wisconsin.

More and more of these businesses are discovering the benefits of using propane forklifts fueled by propane cylinders from Boehlke Bottled Gas’s forklift cylinder exchange service.

Propane Forklifts: The Smart Choice

Using propane forklifts makes much more sense than using electric forklifts. Here are four of the advantages you get with propane forklifts.

All-day usage: Propane forklifts just keep going and going. An average propane cylinder for forklifts can keep a forklift going for around eight hours, meaning you get a full shift of work from it. When the forklift runs out of propane, your workers can swap out the empty tank for a fresh one and be back on the job in around five minutes. When electric forklifts run out of juice, they’re unavailable for eight hours (or more!) as they recharge.

Power:  Propane forklifts keep running at full power until the cylinder needs to be replaced. Electric forklifts lose power as the juice gets lower. Propane models also can carry heavier loads and are proven to be better on inclines than electric forklifts.

All-weather use: Most electric forklifts can’t work in wet conditions. Propane can work in both wet and dry. If you’re moving materials indoors from the outside, or vice-versa, propane can get the job done safely and easily.
Clean-burning: Propane is clean-burning, so it is easier on your forklift engine. That means your forklift will last longer and need less maintenance. Propane, being a low-emission fuel, it’s also better than electricity for the environment.

We Make Forklift Cylinder Exchange Easy

First, we thoroughly discuss your business, how you use forklifts, how many forklifts you use, and what your propane needs are. Using that information, we offer you a FREE quote for our propane cylinder exchange service.

Once you enroll, we take it from there, creating a personalized delivery schedule, setting up storage cages, and providing in-depth propane safety training for your employees. And once we get started, you’ll get the reliable delivery that Boehlke Bottled Gas has been providing since 1938.

Contact us to learn more about our propane forklift cylinder exchange service.