Propane Tanks: Should You Buy or Lease?

Written on: August 17, 2020

Find out the pros and cons

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There are several reasons you’re in the market for a propane tank.

Your current propane tank may no longer be large enough to meet your need for propane. If you’ve added new propane appliances like a range or clothes dryer to your home, you probably need a larger propane tank.

Another issue is that your tank might also be showing its age and needs to be replaced.

If you’ve purchased a new home, the propane tank may be one the sellers leased from their propane delivery company. If you want to use that company for propane delivery, you can simply set up a propane tank lease with them.

But if you want to use a different propane delivery company, that’s where it becomes a challenge. That’s because no propane delivery service will fill another company’s leased tank.

Whatever the reason, you have some choices to make. We’re here to help with that!

Is leasing a propane tank better than owning?

Owning a propane tank gives you the freedom to choose your propane delivery company. Not happy with your service, or want better prices? It’s easy to switch providers.

With freedom, however, comes responsibility. When you own your propane tank you are solely responsible for it. Maintenance, repairs, fees, safety checks, those and the costs that go with them are all on you.

If your current propane tank is old, in bad condition, or no longer large enough to meet your propane needs, choosing to own your new tank means you’re spending big bucks up front. Buying and installing a new propane tank can cost thousands of dollars. And then there are the aforementioned costs over the years.

Don’t want all that expense, responsibility, and hassle? We have a solution: Lease your propane tank with Boehlke Bottled Gas!

When you lease with us, we handle the maintenance, repairs, and propane delivery. And before we finalize the lease, we’ll make sure you’re getting the right size of propane tank for your home and your propane needs.

Your propane tank will be of top quality, and will be installed to the highest standards for safety by our knowledgeable, experienced service technicians. And we offer propane tank monitoring.

Ready to learn more about leasing your propane tank? Contact us today!