What are the Advantages of Propane Autogas?

Written on: May 20, 2024

Boehlke Bottled Gas helps your business benefit from all that autogas can do

autogas Caledonia, WI For decades, the fuels of choice in fleet transportation have been diesel and gasoline. All while a superstar in the energy realm — propane autogas — seemed content to play the supporting role in the public’s eye.

However, as the transportation industry turns towards more sustainable practices, propane autogas emerges as a viable alternative to traditional fuels Propane autogas, the third most widely used motor fuel globally, is a byproduct of natural gas processing and crude oil refining.

Boehlke Bottled Gas offers comprehensive propane autogas services. We’ll work with a local partner for expert installation of your autogas filling station. We the will give you autogas delivery customized to your needs and flexible as your fleet’s needs change.

Let’s go into the details about propane autogas, and why it is an outstanding choice for your Southeast Wisconsin business.

Propane autogas provides unparalleled cost-effectiveness

In the tug-of-war between fiscal management and functionality, propane autogas shines as a beacon of financial prudence. It wields a dual-edged sword, slashing both fuel and maintenance costs.

Unlike gasoline and diesel, the cost of propane autogas is historically more stable and less prone to volatile price fluctuations. This stability translates to predictable operational costs, allowing fleet managers to budget with certainty.

But that’s not all — the cost per gallon of propane autogas typically sits below that of traditional fuels, knocking fuel expenses down by a tidy sum. Added to that, there are often incentives and tax breaks given by local and national governments to sweeten the deal further.

Propane’s cleaner burning minimizes the build-up of carbon and other engine gunk, reducing maintenance issues. Oil life extension and longer lifespan for spark plugs and exhaust systems become the new normal with propane autogas, equating to fleets that spend less time in the repair shop and more time on the road.

Get environmental friendliness and more with propane autogas

More than just a fiscal ally, propane autogas is a valiant steward of the environment. The decision to implement propane autogas is not just a strategic business move; it’s an ethical one.

Adopting propane autogas can result in significant reductions of greenhouse gases and harmful pollutants, a step fleet managers can champion in their company’s sustainability narrative. We’re talking about 25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and about 60% less ground-level ozone compared to gasoline and diesel use. It’s a cleaner, greener approach to transportation and corporate social responsibility.

But it’s not just the reduction in emissions that makes propane autogas a green choice. Studies have shown that its production involves fewer resources and results in fewer emissions than the production of gasoline and diesel. It’s a cycle of positive impact, from production to propulsion, contributing to a more sustainable future.

There’s often an assumption that sustainable means a trade-off in performance, but propane autogas ensures there’s no compromise. Instead, it enhances the driving experience while ensuring vehicles stay their course with minimal breakdowns.

Propane autogas delivers an engine with more gusto, resulting in higher torque and quieter operations. It ensures that vehicles maintain a high level of performance, boasting almost the same power output as their gasoline or diesel counterparts.

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